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16 July 2012

Therese in Taiwan: Rabbit Rabbit 兔子兔子

My cousins and I love going to Shida night market because we like how despite it being not too tourist-y, there's still a wide variety of yummy food, and the clothes are pretty (and there's a good mix of expensive and inexpensive ones) too!

One night, before heading to the night market, we wanted to have a sit-down dinner. I wanted to try Rabbit Rabbit because they serve Eggs Benedict and that was on my to-eat list. The restaurant is located across Macho Tacos (more on that in another post), around the Shida district.

Here are pictures of the food we ordered:

Eggs Benedict 班尼迪克蛋 (220 NTD || ~319 PhP)

Beef Eggs Benedict 匈牙利牛肉 班尼迪克蛋 (250 NTD || ~362.50 PhP)

BBQ Bacon Cheese Burger BBQ憂威夷起司碳培堡 (250 NTD || ~362.50 PhP)

Peanut Butter Burger 吉米愛吃漢堡堡 (240 NTD || 348 PhP)

Tornado Beef Burger 龍捲風牛肉起司堡 (250 NTD || ~362.50 PhP)

Yes, they're a bit expensive (in my opinion) but they were all delicious, and the big servings make up for it, I guess. We weren't able to bring cameras (because we thought that the other person would bring one, haha) so these are all pictures from my cousin's phone.

Address: 蒲城街4號 (No. 4 Pucheng St. Shida)
Operating hours: 11AM-10PM
Telephone number: 02-2368-2338

You can also check out their website and their Facebook page for more information.

Update: This branch has closed down operations starting today. :( This is so sad! There had been an ongoing "argument" between the residents of the area and the businesses operating there, so... yeah. You can check out their other branches!

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