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22 July 2012

Modern Cookbook: Yummy Filipino Recipes iPad App

Marielle Ebao

I enjoy watching cooking shows and occasionally browsing through recipe books to find dishes I can try out for myself. I look for ones that are easy to prepare, since I am usually a disaster at the kitchen. The problem is, once I see something I'd like to try, most ingredients cannot be bought locally, or are too expensive for everyday meals. Luckily, Summit Media recently released its first ever iPad app, which contains Filipino recipes with easy-to-follow steps and uses ingredients that can be found in local grocery stores. 

This is a screenshot of the app's home page. The app takes after the vibrant Yummy magazine color scheme and engaging layout, only now, made easily accessible to techie Filipino food lovers whenever, wherever. 

Even the not-so-techie moms/dads can enjoy this app, because it's so easy to use, it even comes with a "How to Use this App" feature and handy navigation bars.

Recipes are grouped under these categories: Salads and Vegetables, Noodles and Rice, Fish and Seafood, Meat, Poultry, and Desserts and Sweet Snacks. Just choose a category, put on your apron, and raid your kitchen! 

I'm tempted to share screenshots of the actual recipes, because they all look so good! I'll let you find out for yourselves, though. So go ahead and download this app which retails at $3.99, by going to this App Store link:!

Thanks to the Summit Media team, especially to their Media Relations Associate, Ms. Charlotte Catapang, for introducing us to this app! :) 

Do leave your comments about the app here, and maybe share your favorite recipes! 

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