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24 May 2008

Restaurant Review | Tokyo Bubble Tea

Tokyo Bubble Tea
Basement, Bldg A, SM Megamall (near the Food Court)
Special Note: Reviews, rating, etc only for Tokyo Bubble Tea's beverage offerings.
Type of Cuisine: Japanese
Average cost per person: Php 85 (US$2.13)
Overall Rating: starstarstarstarnostar

The foodista with the most specific of cravings is probably Joey, and this time, on one of our days out, she had yet another rather particular craving. Dragging us to our feet after lunch at Rai Rai Ken, she took us to Tokyo Bubble Tea.

The first thing that strikes you is the look of the place: bright, happy colours leaping out at you and the big wall mural(?) that says "I want my bubbles!!!" It's a very inviting place. The service was great, with the waitresses being very helpful, friendly and accommodating. And, although we can't speak for their non-beverage offerings just yet, we can definitely say that their milk teas, shakes, etc are all extremely satisfying.

Honourable mention goes to their tapioca pearls or, as they refer to it, their bubbles. They are, by far, the best tapioca pearls we've all ever had. They're chewy, soft and fantastic. They rather make you wish that you had a bowlful of them and you'd be perfectly content just munching on them alone. When ordering your drink, we highly recommend that you get your beverage of choice with an add-on of either extra pearls (Php 10, US$0.25), or pudding (Php 15, US$0.38).

Tokyo Bubble Tea is now the go-to place for the foodistas' bubble tea/sweet, cold beverage fix :)

Royal Milk TeaRoyal Milk Tea (Medium: Php 70, US$1.75, Large: Php 80, US$2)
This is Joey's favourite (non-water, non-green tea) beverage and the reason for her wanting to go to Tokyo Bubble Tea. It's not very sweet, like milk tea ought not to be. The drink, coupled with the pleasant taste and sensation derived from the tapioca pearls (or "bubbles"), is refreshing and wonderful. (Photo by Joey)

Kiwi Green TeaKiwi Green Tea (Medium: Php 58, US$1.45, Large: Php 68, US$1.70)
This is said to be one of their best sellers. The kiwi doesn't overpower the green tea and, definitely, the way to enjoy this drink would be with extra bubbles. (Photo by Joey.)

Coconut Milk Tea (Medium: Php 75, US$1.88, Large: Php 85, US$2.13)
The drink had the smooth taste and texture of coconut. The experience was enhanced by the add-on silky sweet pudding. (Photo by Joey.)

Almond Milk Tea (Medium: Php 75, US$1.88, Large: Php 85, US$2.13)
The almond milk tea was infused with almond essence which seemed to overpower the milk tea taste, and seemed to make it more like an almond drink than a milk tea drink. It was just as creamy and smooth, though. It also had little almond bits, which made the drink more interesting. Anyway, It was not so bad and was quite palatable, but those looking for a truly -milk tea- experience should not get this one. However, for those feeling adventurous and wanting a twist in their milk tea experience (a really really big twist), the almond milk tea is a something to try. (Photo by Joey)

Strawberry Milk Tea (Medium: Php 85, US$2.13, Large: Php 95, US$2.38)
It has bits of actual strawberry in it, which made it that much better. It was strawberry + milk tea without one taste overpowering the other. (Photo by Mark)

Taro Milk Tea
(Medium: Php 75, US$1.88, Large: Php 85, US$2.13)
For Taro lovers, this sweet milk tea is a must-try. The extra pudding, which only cost an additional 15 pesos, made the drink better and more satisfying. (Photo by Mark)

Mocha Milkshake (Medium: Php 135, US$3.38, Large: Php 145, US$3.63)
This was pretty much exactly how it sounds like. You ask for a mocha milkshake, you get a mocha milkshake – A milkshake that tastes like mocha. Nothing more, nothing less. It did taste quite nice though, so this is definitely something that you should consider getting if you want something besides milk tea. (Unfortunately, no photo of this beverage was taken.)

MF @ Tokyo Bubble Tea

Tokyo Bubble TeaTokyo Bubble TeaTokyo Bubble TeaTokyo Bubble TeaTokyo Bubble TeaTokyo Bubble TeaTokyo Bubble TeaTokyo Bubble TeaTokyo Bubble TeaTokyo Bubble TeaTokyo Bubble TeaTokyo Bubble Tea

Reviewed by Bong, Hannah, Harrell, Joey, Mark, and Pats.
Special thanks to Cy for review of the almond milk tea.
Photography by Joey and Mark.
See more photos on Mark's multiply and Joey's flickr.


  1. first comment! :D

    @Joey: you and your milk tea :P great photos, as always. and is that your new phone peeking out from under your sweater (nice sweater, btw hehe)?

  2. I get This photo is private when I try to view some of the pictures for a closer view since presentation is everything!

  3. @ice tornado Only for people pictures -- their privacy and all! :-)

  4. I like milkshakes and I know when people have skimped on the ice cream and over do the ice. Is this such a place where if you attempt to guzzle down a milkshake, you will notice a lot of left over ice shavings or is this one which would be more of creamy that just leaves froth when you drink it?

  5. @Tiffy: Ahh. So that's why some are accessible and some are not. I didn't notice.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I love, love, love Bubble Tea! *salivates* I like their food, too, the most memorable ones ( I go there a lot, as they have also have a branch in SM North Edsa.) were the chizu maki, hamburg curry (hamburger + curry sauce + rice) and the omurices (fried rice stuffed in an omelette).

  8. Spell check please. Third paragraph, they're is the contraction of they are, not their.

  9. Tony
    thankyou :P and yes, me and my milk tea (haha!) and, yes, that's my phone :9

    Ice Tornado
    sorry, but i had to make all the photos with people only viewable by my flickr contacts to protect our privacy. i hope the food photos you viewed were up to par tho :) thank you for commenting!

    and that question is for mark and/or bong to answer :) the milk teas and the kiwi green tea weren't shakes. i can tell you, tho, that the milk teas were fantastic :) just choose which sort you like and i'm pretty sure you'll enjoy it v. much. ♥

    Mike F
    It's been corrected :) Thank you so much for pointing it out! Sorry about that.

  10. jakedharrison@gmail.comMay 24, 2008 at 10:19 AM

    I'm not fond of bubble tea. We have a place that sells bubble tea here, but it's not very good. I've tried it once, just out of curiosity, and the tapioca pearls were a little hard and the drink itself tasted off.

    I'm very intrigued by these ones you had, Foodistas. I'm especially curious about the Royal Milk Tea Joey likes so much and the Kiwi green tea drink. And the way you all rave about the tapioca pearls makes me wish that our bubble tea here was up to par.

    Always interesting to read your articles, Foodistas! Your blog is one of the first things I check when I'm online :)

    Great photos, btw! It's too bad you didn't get to take a photo of the mocha milkshake. I especially like the one of the Stawberry Green Tea Sensation :) Food magazine-quality photos, Joey!


  11. Clea
    Oooh. We're going to have to do a more comprehensive review of Tokyo Bubble Tea later on :) This time, inclusive of their food haha.

    I think I speak for all of the Foodistas when I saw that you're easily one of our favourite readers ♥ Thank you so much for always taking the time to read our articles and write us nice, long comments. We really really appreciate that you take time to do all that :)

    And thankyou!! You're honestly so very nice! I'm glad you like my photos so much and we're very glad that you enjoy our articles. ♥

  12. whoops. typo!

    *say (not saw)

  13. While i enjoyed my kiwi green tea drink at Tokyo Bubble Tea Cafe, I have to admit I'm still very partial to Quickly's Super Taro.

  14. I found your blog thru PBS but I think we met each other dyring the Trinoma Food tour.. Nice to see You

  15. dexter
    Hey! Yeah, I remember you..Thanks for visiting. I hope you've enjoyed our posts :)

  16. another great post..:)

  17. I don't like Zagu but, after reading this post, now I think I'll try this out when I get the chance. The Taro milk tea sounds good.

    @Hannah: I like Quickly's Super Taro too.

    Great post :) And good photos. Not as easy to make a drink like that look appetizing, but you guys did good.

  18. sakai
    thanks! :)

    it's WAY BETTER than Zagu. you won't feel it's all sugar and something "synthetic" :P

    And, on behalf of joey and mark (photographers), thank you!

  19. wow. im so excited about this blog. as an aspiring foodie myself im on a constant lookout for great food finds. this site rocks. im definitely going for a second, third, even a fourth helping of you guys.

    btw, you're right. the royal milk tea at bubble tea is really delicious. just right amount of sweetness compared to others. yumm-o!

    i hope you don't mind exchanging links.

    cheers to you guys.

    both sides now

  20. i super love bubble tea!! tried the coffee milk tea and its sooo good! my sis and i also tried the chizu maki and the chicken teriyaki doria Ü yum yum

  21. Abby
    thank you so much! :) we think you rock for thinking we rock, haha! thankyouu!

    and yeahh ♥ i love love love their royal milk tea! ("yumm-o!" -- i like rachel ray too :P)

    thank you again! :) we adore hearing from our readers.

    Fran =)
    in all the chances i had to go there, i've never once thought of trying their hot meals. will definitely have to now tho! you're the nth person to mention their yummy food when they saw this post haha :)

  22. The price is alost close to Houston Chinatown, averaging $2.50.

  23. I looove Tokyo Bubble Tea's Royal Milk Tea. Not so sweet, very light taste and great pearls. Just the right amount of chewiness.

  24. I love the Strawberry Milk Tea, which I tried by accident. Didn't regret it haha.


    Sharing your link. :) Thanks!


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