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31 May 2008

Restaurant Review | Vieux Chalet

Vieux Chalet
Taktak Road, Antipolo* (+63 2 697 0396)
Type of Cuisine: Swiss
Average cost per person: Php 250 - Php 300 (US$6.25 - US$7.50)
Overall Rating: starstarstarstarnostar

Having trooped to Antipolo to work on our feature for Table For Three, Please, we decided to go ahead and hit two birds with one stone and make our way to Vieux Chalet, a wonderful Swiss restaurant tucked away in Taktak Road. And tucked away, it was! We almost got lost on the way there, but the search for this jewel of a place is part of the experience, as Miss Hassig would tell us later, grinning. Once you get there, though, famished and more than a little relieved that you weren't lost, after all, you'll find that the Vieux Chalet dining experience is definitely worth the trip.

Vieux Chalet is perfectly situated so that you have an unobstructed view of the city. The restaurant itself is a house with a very restful and homey feel to it.The service was very good, even if there was only one waiter attending to everyone when we had gone (there were only three occupied tables). And, like the place itself, there is a very homey feel to the food. The prices are rather steep, but we account this to the fact that they use only the best and freshest ingredients.

Vieux Chalet is the perfect setting for a romantic dinner, or even for a long, leisurely meal. The surroundings are tranquil and beautiful, almost leaving you without a sense of time, and the food is of the sort you imagine coming home to at the end of a long, hard day.

RostiRösti (S: Php 125, US$3.13, M: Php 185, US$4.50, L: Php225, US$5.63) Swiss-style potatoes; this tasted a whole lot like hash browns. It wasn't anything exceptional, in other words. If you're fond of hash browns or potatoes, you might enjoy this. If you're looking for something a bit more interesting as a side dish, however, we suggest you try something else.

Italian SoupItalian Soup (Medium: Php 265, US$6.63)
This wasn't listed in the menu, but our waiter recommended it. The soup was creamy without being too heavy. You can tell that the bread topping the soup was homemade. This was, all in all, wonderful. It was very homey and comforting perfect for a cool rainy day.

Osso BucoOsso Buco (Medium: Php 585, US$14.63, Large: Php625, US$15.63)
The meat itself was very tender, easily falling off the bone. The taste of tomato was very distinct. It was good, but Bong says the one from Cyma is better.

Mango Flambe (Php 125, US$3.13)
The mango flambe is supposed to be served with butterscotch ice cream but we had it changed to their homemade parfait au chocolat. The ice cream was wonderful: very thick and creamy, with a hint of rum.

MF @ Vieux Chalet

Vieux ChaletVieux ChaletVieux ChaletVieux ChaletVieux ChaletTokyo Bubble TeaVieux ChaletVieux ChaletVieux ChaletVieux ChaletVieux ChaletVieux Chalet

* How to find it: Make your way through Ortigas Extension (you'll pass Ever Gotesco Ortigas, Junction, Brookside Hills, Valley Golf, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, etc) until you reach the fork at the end of the stretch. Head left (the path to the right ought to take you to SM Taytay) and follow the road until you reach Villa Christina. Drive through the narrow, slopey road. You'll be seeing signs pointing you to Vieux Chalet. Follow them and you'll get there without any trouble :)

Reviewed by Bong, Harrell, Joey, Kat, and Tiffy.
Photography by Joey.
See more photos on Joey's flickr.


  1. Hey! I've been meaning to try this place out. I heard about this from a really good friend of mine. This is where her husband made his proposal .

    Too bad it's far and difficult to find.

  2. philos
    I just finished reading the link you gave us. I still can't believe something like that happened there. The place looks so homey and innocent.

    It's really a must try if you want to get away from all the huzzbuzz of the city. It's quiet and cool up there.

    The time and effort placed into finding the place will definitely be worth it once you're up there. =)

  3. philos
    I guess the guy was a natural romantic. =P

  4. "Vieux Chalet is the perfect setting for a romantic dinner..." *stops reading there, calls significant other, and rushes to the place"

    LOL I love manila foodistas! Oh shoot! That reminds me! I still owe Tiffy something...Dui bu tsi, Tiffy! :P

    -W-h J

  5. I've been here before, to celebrate my abuelo's birthday. I love their pastas!
    Great review, as always; very well written and, of course, great photography.
    I really should subscribe to your feed already.

  6. Philos
    Oh wow @ the proposal. A bit unusual and I cringed at some points while reading it, but go her husband ♥

    Finding it is part of the fun? :P

    W-h J
    We've got a romantic here, don't we? :P Hahahh! That's awesome ♥ Go you :)

    Thankyou! :)

    The first time I went there was with my ninong, who was friends with the Hassigs :) We helped make the pasta we ate. Homemade pasta is wicked great ♥

  7. Love this place! And I love you guys! Great job!


  8. WHJ! Actually, you owe me and Bong! XD Scratch that! The whole office! LOL.

    @Harrell: Natural romantic? What you're aiming for? Wink wink!

  9. jakedharrison@gmail.comJune 1, 2008 at 10:39 PM

    Osso buco is one of my comfort foods :) My grandmother used to cook osso buco for us, back when she was healthier and stronger.

    What was in the Italian Soup? And the Mango Flambe looks like heaven.

    BTW, I saw your new photos on Flickr, Joey. Looking forward to another travelogue :)

    I wish you guys the best!


  10. Vieux Chalet looks and sounds great. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Mela, I hate your flickr and your photos of yummy food :P

  12. Cathy
    Thanks! :D

    Re: the italian soup, the most we can tell you is that it had cheese, milk, herbs. :) we won't pretend to know exactly what's in it, haha. It's wonderfully homey and delicious tho.

    Yes :P But my Baguio travelogues won't be up till late June. We still have a backlog of entries to release throughout the month, haha :)

    You're welcome! We hope you get to enjoy it someday as well :)

    No one forces you to look at them, Anthony :P

  13. Hey Joey, it's Karen :D Found this through your flickr. This is such a great project :D

    You guys are doing an awesome job! Keep up the good work! Love love love your photos!

  14. Hello, this brog is nice!!
    I already link to this page.
    If you don't mind. Please link to my blog this URL

  15. You guys make everything look and sound so good! Great photos, you guys!!

    - Sarah

  16. I can't believe you guys actually read the proposal hehe... I just included it as proof. Love (my friend) told me that it was just the perfect place for that. :)

  17. Karen
    hey!! thanks so much for paying a visit ♥ super that you like it!

    thanks for the visit! will check out your blog as soon as we get the chance to :)

    thankyou! ♥

    we couldn't help it? hahahh. MF has some big romantics among them (if not all :P). thank you for sharing that with us! ♥

  18. i went to dine here once... food was not really something that wowed my taste uds.. maybe an off nite for the chef that time...

  19. i've been meaning to try this place, thanks for the clear directions!


  20. Never tasted the rösti in this place but made it many times at home...and like it very much!! I really didn't know you guys in Philippines make it too!! :) love jaana from finland

  21. my family and i always choose Vieux Chalet !! in this restaurant we have lots of memory here. like in my graduation my daddy treat me here. and if theres a special occasion we always go here :)


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