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20 January 2012

Danne: Ramen / Ramen Bar Eastwood

When I was living in Japan I got the chance to eat authentic Japanese cuisine-- those in side streets, prepared by seasoned cooks, those that weren't necessarily expensive but you'd know they're authentic.

One of the best (if not the best) ramen I've tasted is Ippudo Ramen, which is located just outside our dorm (but they have several stores around Japan). It was very tasty, rich, authentic! You should try, if ever you go to Japan.

And then there was the Ramen Museum in Yokohama, which deserves its own post! (Perhaps I'd write about it one of these days!)

Last week I got to reminisce my love for this Japanese noodle dish when I ate at Ramen Bar in Eastwood.

This was their ramen selection.

First order that came out was the Shoyu Ramen (PhP 280), which was soy infused tonkotsu ramen topped with tamago, naruto, negi, chasyu, butter and corn. If you see the eggs beside it, it's an order of Tamago (PhP 50).

Next up was an order of Chasyu (PhP 120), which very much resembles the Chinese Cha-sho (Asado).

We also tried the Yakiniku Beef Rice Topping (PhP 165), which very much tastes like Japanese gyudon to me.

This is the Spicy Kakuni Rice Bowl (PhP 185), which is pork belly with rice.

Overall, the eating experience reminded me of how we used to enjoy Japanese cuisine in Japan, probably one of the best types of food around.

There's more kinds of ramen to try. Not only from this restaurant, but also from others. I'm looking forward! If you'd like to recommend any ramen restaurant, kindly comment in the comment box at the end of this post and I'd be sure to try.


P.S. Check out my new site, if you have time. In there is my graphic design folio, blog, among many other things!

Ramen Bar Eastwood
Telephone no. (02) 570-9457
Address G/F Eastwood Mall , Libis, Quezon City, Philippines

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