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28 January 2012

Moshi Moshi and Red Mango in Katipunan

Moshi Moshi and Red Mango in Katipunan
by Nicole

On a fine Tuesday afternoon, I went to Katipunan with one of my awesomest pals. We went to check some books for our reading list. (Hello Fully Booked!)

For those of you who have not been to Katipunan for ages, there's a new commercial building in the area and it houses Fully Booked, Coffee Bean, aaaand new eating houses!

Right before browsing books, I got hungry so my friend and I had our early lunch at one of the restaurants there. I actually wanted to try Saint's Alps Teahouse because of Bong's post about it but we decided to try Moshi Moshi instead.

What a homey, cozy place! I liked how spacious this restaurant was and I was so pleased that it was not crowded.

Moshi Moshi is a Japanese restaurant and their menu has the typical japanese dishes - they've got takuyaki, okonomiyaki, and donburi among others. Donburi is very much like the Filipino rice topping (rice plus ulam on top) and in Moshi Moshi, you can make your own Donburi by choosing what you want to have in your rice bowl. Top it with meat, egg, kimchi (I think I saw kimchi there), etc. - you decide.

Moshi Moshi's Menu

My friend and I chose two of their "special" donburis - the chicken teriyaki don, and the curry don. I had the curry don - all vegetables; no meat - hooray! I was very happy that I was able to choose weather I would like my curry don with or without meat.

All Vegetable Curry Don (Php 105)
This curry. . . it was just okay. It was a little bit spicy (I could taste they put quite a lot of black pepper in it.)

Chicken Teriyaki Don (Php 135)
 The serving was rather small and according to my friend, their chicken teriyaki was salty (she asked me to taste it but I wasn't able to because I was busy talking so I forgot ha ha!). Anyway, I really liked that the rice was perfectly cooked!

We didn't order any dessert in Moshi Moshi because I wanted my friend to try my favourite yougurt place, Red Mango! We tried their waffles.

Banana Almod Waffles (Php 85.00)
Extra Yogurt (Php 40.00)
Blueberry toppings (Php 5.00)

Green Tea Waffle (Php 85.00)
Extra Yogurt (Php 40.00)

WE LOVED RED MANGO'S WAFFLES! They were reaaaaallly yummy! I thought the green tea waffle wouldn't taste that good but it was soooo goood! Top it with Red Mango's original yogourt - hands down super d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s! My friend and I really enjoyed our dessert time here in Red Mango Katipunan. The place is perfect for students who want to munch something while studying. :) I'm absolutely going to get my sisters and my friends to try Red Mango waffles!

Address and Telephone Number

Moshi Moshi
2/F #327 Katipunan Ave.
Loyala Heights, Quezon City

Red Mango
2/F #327 Katipunan Ave.
Loyala Heights, Quezon City
+63922 820 8456


I'd like to thank my friend Jad for all these photos and for an awesome day! Weeee!

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