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14 January 2012

Tiffy: Cadbury Dairy Milk Sing for Joy Vending Machine

I always wonder why people sing everywhere here. As an exchange student in Japan, I would sing in my dorm room and the girl next door--an exchange student from Taiwan, would call me up and tell me that she can hear me sing. Back then I was thinking, "So?" Until I realized that she did this to give me a heads up: I might be bothering our other dorm-mates.

Here in the Philippines, if you pass by a store with a karaoke machine (magic sing, anyone?), you're 100% sure that there will be someone singing. If not the salesperson, then a passerby. It's innate. Sometimes I wonder, why do we do it? Aren't we afraid of other people criticizing our singing (albeit in their heads)?

And then I passed by Cadbury's Sing For Joy Vending Machine last month in Trinoma LOLOLOL

 Wondering what the commotion was about

Way to go marketing. This one's definitely something that people will line up for. Not only will they be able to showcase their singing talents, they'll be able to get free chocolate bars too!

A lot of people were taking pics so I took some too

There's also a Php 40,000 cash prize for the funniest rendition (they have a record of you singing! yikes!). Winners will be announced on January 16 and the top 10 performances will be compiled into a CD.

Sneaky sneaky

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