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05 February 2012

Therese in Taiwan: Taro and sweet potato balls at Ah Gan Yi Yu Yuan 阿柑姨芋圓

In keeping up with the "Jiufen" theme, this post is about another famous dessert that can be found there. The first time I ate it, I was with my sister Tiffy and our cousins.

The place is a bit hard to find because it's sort of hidden, but once you find it (and taste it), you won't be disappointed! It really is yummy - if  you're into chewy taro and sweet potato balls. Think of the Philippines' bilo-bilo and that's sort of the consistency that these ones have.

You could choose between the cold order, and the hot order. We decided to go with both. I don't know how much it costs because our cousins footed the bill, but I'm guessing that's it's probably more than 60NT (Php 90)? It's good for sharing though. There are also red beans, mung beans, etc.

As you can see from the picture, the cold order (bowl on the left) doesn't come with "soup", but instead it is on top of a bed of ice. Brr! The hot order (bowl on the right) comes with a lot of "soup".

Name: 阿柑姨芋圓 (Ah Gan Yi Yu Yuan)
Address: 台北縣瑞芳鎮褔住里豎崎路5號 (It's located somewhere in Jiufen Old Street. Ask around!)
Phone number: (02) 24976505, (02) 24966964

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