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19 February 2012

Sa Kanto | Podium

Podium | Sa Kanto
by: Tiffy

Manila Foodistas was lucky enough to be invited to try out Sa Kanto at the Podium. Kanto is the Filipino word for corner, sa kanto meaning just around the corner

Saan ka pupunta? Where are you going?
Diyan lang sa kanto. Just there around the corner. 

Sa Kanto serves all kinds of Filipino food--from street food to pulutan (food one usually eats while drinking) to meals. 

It is also by Il Ponticello, who is the group behind Borough which just happens to be situated beside Sa Kanto.

Isaw | Php 80 | USD 1.88
Deep fried chicken intestines served with Sinamak

Kwek Kwek | Php 110 | USD 2.58
Deep fried crusted quail eggs served with 2 sauces (Spiced vinegar & sweet ginger-garlic sauce)

Dynamite | Php 250 | USD 5.87 MUST TRY! WARNING: SPICY.
Chili fingers stuffed with beef and cheese. Breaded and fried. Top seller!

Chicharon Bulaklak | Php 220 | Php 5.16
Deep fried pork intestines. A favorite Filipino pulutan.

Fishballs | Php 80 | USD 1.88
Served with Sweet and Spicy sauce / Sinamak

The fishballs are the normal fishballs that they serve in the streets. I don't think it's worth it to order this unless you've never tried fishballs and you want to--this one is definitely cleaner. But then again, I would recommend that you just buy some from the grocery and cook it at home!

Crablets | Php 260 | USD 6.10
Fried itsy bitsy crabs served with shoestring potatoes

Ensaladang Filipino | Php 150 | USD 3.52
A trio ensalada of: salted egg & tomatoes, mangoes & sauteed fermented shrimp, smokey eggplant and onions

I always order this whenever it's available in small canteens and Filipino restaurants and I'm glad that it was served. 

Pork Binagoongan | Php 325 | USD 
Pork belly sauteed in shrimp paste served on a bed of crispy eggplant

Their bagoong tastes really good. And the pork belly has the right kind of fatty for this girl!

Laing | Php 200 | USD 4.69
Spicy taro leaves stew in coconut cream. Chef's recommendation. 

I do like their laing but they could've been a bit more generous with the serving.

Crispy Pla-Pla | Php 350 | USD 8.21
Kanto style fish & chips with buro dip. You have to try this!

Buro Dip

It was my first time trying the popular Kapampangan "buro" or fermented rice. It tasted, well, fermented. At least with this one, the pungent taste really brings to mind the word "fermented", unlike the Japanese natto (fermented soybeans) had no taste and just felt really slimy in the mouth. I don't know how I brought that association up. 

Spicy Eggplant | Php 180 | USD 4.22
Olive oil sauteed in olive oil, chili, and garlic.

Strangely enough, my mom (who was my plus one for the night) thought that it was a bit sweet. Sweet and spicy, anyone?

Ensaladang ampalaya | Php 145 | USD 3.40
A balance of bitter melon, tomatoes, & onion ensalada. Super healthy salad!

YUM. I like bitter melons and they are really healthy.

Kanto-style chicken | Php 310 | USD 7.27
Deep fried succulent combination of white and dark meat. Served with pandan gravy.

It was really crispy with just the right bit of sweetness in it. 

And for dessert:

Leche flan | Php 150 | USD 3.52
Milk and egg yolk custard.

I try not to eat nor crave for too much leche flan since it's just such a sweet dish. I would only order it if someone else would share it with me! ;)

Turon with Langka Sauce | Php 120 | USD 2.82
Crisp banana spring rolls with langka sauce. Try it to believe it. Peksman!

It was crispy and the banana was soft. The bitter caramel (I found it a bit too bitter for my taste) coat mixes well with the sweetness langka sauce. But it simply isn't the best turon I've had. But then again, this is a personal preference.

The whole place can serve around 100 people. You can book it for lunches, conferences--they even have private rooms.

Sa Kanto is set up like a Filipino home where you have the foyer, the living room, ...

Their bar is the garahe (garage).

Their drinks are locally-inspired: they feature drinks made from lambanog and tuba.

Mojito | Php 80 | USD 1.88
Lime juice, white rum, sugar syrup, sprite, and mint leaves.

Their alcoholic drinks range from Php 80-155 and they are open until there are customers Sa Kanto. 

You can have drinks like tinikling, trumpo, jack n poy, and more! 

Patrick Santos, Marketing Director
Mobile No. 0917-532-2612
Dodjie Violago, Managing Partner
Mobile No. 0917-867-3696

Sa Kanto
Ground Floor, The Podium Mall, Mandaluyong
Sa Kanto is a concept of Il Ponticello group, owners of Il Ponticello and Borough

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