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25 February 2012

Haus of Burgertainment

Haus of Burgertainment
by Nicole

Somewhere in Ortigas Extension, Pasig is a small restaurant that will sure entertain your taste buds.

Haus of Burgertainment opened on the eve of Chinese New Year last January 22, 2012. It is owned by a wonderful lady, Eve (who happens to be my colleague), her husband, Mark, and Steve, their friend and business partner. They serve DELECTABLE snacks and you'll be dazzled on how affordable they are! Their recipes are full of flavor and they do not add MSG in anything they make. They sure make food the way you would make it at home!

The wall paintings
Last weekend, some of my teammates and I went here to check the place out. I thought I would only stay for breakfast but boy, that day turned out to be a non-stop pigging out until two in the afternoon!
The Menu

We arrived at the place at around 8:30 in the morning and the day at this humble restaurant was just getting started.

For our starter, we had FLAPJACKS! I can't remember the last time I ate one so it was a thrill to find out that they have flapjacks here! They cook and serve these every morning.

Flapjacks (oat bars) at only Php 5.00 per bar

 For our breafast drink, instead of the usual coffee or juice, we chose these really interesting creme brulee shake! Where on earth can you find a super creamy creme brulee shake for only 20 pesos? No where but here! They have raspberry, strawberry, and chocolate shakes too.

Crème Brûlée  Creamy Ice Shake (Php 20.00)

After the flapjacks, we had pancakes! Their pancakes are made from scratch meaning they don't use those ready-made pancake mixes.

Pancakes (only Php 10.00 each)

Then came lunch time. We were served with these uber DELICIOUS spaghetti! Now, this is totally not your average spaghetti. The sauce is a combination of Italian and Filipino taste - lotsa herbs, not sour and with a hint of sweetness. I loooooooove this! It tastes sooo great and it smells sooooo good I could make a perfume out of it! :D

Totally not your ordinary spaghetti with Parmesan cheese  (Php 25.00)

Because the people in this place are just awesome, they served us with something that's not on the menu. We all know what a mashed potato is but have you ever tasted a mashed cauliflower? Well folks, I had tasted one and it's heavy! With all that we had eaten plus this, we all felt like our tummies were about to explode! HA HA! Their mashed cauliflower was creamy and garlicky.

Mashed cauliflower
After lunch snack:

Another something new. These are called crunchy munchies. They are made from a mix of flour, milk, baking soda, and sugar, then deep fried and sprinkled with cheese powder.

Crunchy Munchies at Php 3.00 each!
French fries -  a total best seller! These are made from fresh cut potatoes. You can sprinkle it with cheese or barbecue powder - your choice.

Fresh fries (Php 12.00)
  This is how their french fries are cut. That's my supervisor by the way :D. She's trying out their potato cutter.

How come their food taste soooo good? One, their ingredients and two, their recipes are created by Mark, an Italian-American who's got a passion in cooking, and Steve who's British.

The ingredients
As an addition to really good food, people can also chill out in this place because they have a videoke and TV corner. Sing a song or watch your favorite and recent movies here!

The videoke/TV corner
Hands down, this is one special restaurant! They serve amazingly great tasting food and they price it for ANYONE. Check this place out - you won't be disappointed! A note though, you'll have to wait for your order because this place is packed with people!

How to get there:

From SM Megamall, take an FX and get off at Countryside. From there, ride a tricycle (tricycles are stationed at the corner beside Ministop) and tell the driver that you're going to the Burger haus :D

Haus of Burgertainment
84 Rosario Village
Sta. Lucia Pasig

+63 9157918132
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