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11 February 2012

Danne: Alchemy Baking Magic

In no other month does the sale of chocolates, greeting cards and roses peak other than February. And in this month of love, what better way to show your loved ones a simple gesture of love than giving them a simple macaron treat?

My friend Meryl, owner of Alchemy Baking Magic bakes awesome macarons which comes in different flavors. I personally have tasted her delicious and colorful home-baked macarons, and I could not get enough!

She personally bakes them. My personal favorite is Passion Fruit Milk Chocolate (5th from top). My second favorite is Coffee Caramel Ganache (2nd from top). I actually like them all, I had trouble deciding.

I really liked the crunchy texture upon biting these macarons, followed by the flavor of the filling.

Meryl commissioned me to design Alchemy's packaging for this season. Being an artist and a foodie, I was thrilled to be part of something that would combine my interests in graphics and eating. Ha ha!

So this was the design I drew! I tried to merge ideas related to baking and love, like sugar and sweet things.

These come in boxes of 4 or 6. To order, you may contact Meryl at 0917 896 3795 or call (02) 330-9229. Alchemy is also on Facebook! Click here!

Happy Valentine's day!

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