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24 March 2012

Therese in the Philippines: Bon Chon Chicken

Intro: You probably don't know this, but I went home to the Philippines last January. In the span of the 9 days that I was there, I tried 5 new restaurants around the metro, and I even went out of town! Therefore, let me take a short break from my Taiwan posts and in my next few entries, I am going to write about the new places I've been to in and around the metro!

I first heard about Bon Chon Chicken around 2 years ago, when it was still new. I had always wanted to try it but back then, their only branch was in Makati and I don't really like going there. Long story short, I was finally able to try it at their Regis Center, Katipunan branch.

According to their official website, BonChon is a Korean word meaning "Original Village." They promise crispy, juice, and flavorful chicken.

It was a struggle for us to order because there weren't menus available by the counter, and the big screens behind the counter were moving. The screens would change items every few seconds. After a couple of minutes of intently looking at the screens, I finally decided on the Boxed Meal C - Drumsticks/Thigh Ricebox. What's good about this set is you could mix and match the parts. I only got the 1 piece thigh (95php) though. You could opt for the 2 pieces set, which costs 145php.

After ordering, you have the option of going for the Soy Garlic Sauce or the Hot Sauce. Since I'm not a really big fan of spicy food, I went for the former. True enough, the chicken was crispy, juicy, and flavorful.

My friend ordered the Kimchi coleslaw (45php) along with her meal, and I was able to take a bite. We weren't big fans because it didn't have that spicy kick that Kimchi is supposed to have.

They currently have 13 branches around the metro. You can check out for the list of branches and for the menu as well. It would help to at least have an idea of what you want to order because the screen really is confusing! Had I known that they have bulgogi wraps (among other things), I would have ordered that too. Maybe next time!

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