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12 March 2012

Tiffy: John Robert Powers Experience

John Robert Powers Experience
by Tiffy
February 18, 2012

Manila Foodistas was fortunate enough to be invited by John Robert Powers to attend their Visual Poise Class. I've been hearing about JRP from TV shows when the various hosts would thank JRP for this and that. JRP also gives out gift certificates to a lot of school organizations.

The whole place feels intimidating. Since it's the "founder of modern day billion dollar modelling industry", I was pretty sure that everyone had already noticed what a klutz I am. 

Our classroom

Different classes being conducted

Skirt and high heels for the ladies!

Our instructor, Ms. Rosky Balahadia Hilado
(who also instructs a class on social and business etiquette)

The visual poise class teaches you the importance of correct posture in developing self-esteem, inner-confidence, and positive attitude. It also emphasizes the value of good posture and the integration of body movements in enhancing agility and developing graceful movements. 

There are three levels and the class includes coaching in walking, sitting, rising, hand positions, going up and down the stairs, and more.

For the two hours of class that we had, we learned how to stand up--where to put our hands, how to position our feet, how to pull yourself up and make yourself look taller than you really are, how to walk, et cetera.

It was a pretty interesting class and I'm pretty sure that I'd probably take it if I have some spare cash lying around.

They have other classes as well and they're all aimed at helping you with your personal, social, and professional advancement. It emphasizes self-knowledge, communication skills, interpersonal skills, image, and personal style.

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