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06 March 2012

Classic Cuisine at Summit Circle Cebu Hotel

I recently stayed at the newly refurbished Summit Circle Cebu Hotel (previously Cebu Midtown Hotel) along Fuente Osmena Cicle in Cebu City. The hotel's cafe/restaurant is now managed by C2 Classic Cuisine Philippines of the Cravings. It's the first out-of-Manila venture of the group, and they placed C2 Classic Cuisine which served really nicely done Filipino food in Cebu. Let's see how the Cebuanos will like the restaurant.


After checking in we were treated to a nice dinner, with a menu specially made for us. But before that we were served these appetizers or treats. There was the... Boneless Chicken Stew Supreme Vol Au Vent,


Bruschetta of Spicy Sausage with Mozzarella,


Brazilian Beef and Cheese Quesadilla,


They also served this Skewer of grape, olive, cubed cheese with a pomelo-liquer sauce, Seafood Brochette, and some desserts.


For the menu prepared for us, first up was the Molo Soup C2 Style, which was my actual favorite in Classic Cuisine. The soup's just yummy, and the molo just tender and melts in your mouth.


Another star of the night was the C2 Crispy Kare-Kare, think Crispy Pata and Kare-Kare sauce and Bagoong. The combination of all 3 is just the bomb! :)


They served the Lumpiang Hubad next, which should be vegetables wrapped in lumpia or spring rolls wrapper, but this time around, all the vegetables were exposed and served on a plate, while the wrapper was deep fried.


The Seared Tilapia in Coconut Emulsion sauce is another bestseller in C2 Classic Cuisine Manila. If you're looking for something seafood or fish to try, this is a must. The Seafood Inasal is another seafood dish which is good if you want a variety of seafood in a dish.


For dessert we were served the leche flan, which was so creamy and it melts really well in your mouth. It's just the way I want my flan. Another dessert was their famous Bibingka Souffle, which crumbles just right, and if paired with the sauce, it tastes like heaven.


C2 Classic Cuisine Philippines's newest out of town branch is located at the Summit Circle Cebu Hotel lobby at the 4th floor of the building, Cebu City.

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