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21 November 2011

Danne: Midnight Mercato

Last Saturday, I had a chance to revisit Midnight Mercato and check out the food stalls they had that night.
The website says it opens at 10PM, but we arrived at the place at around 9:40PM and the tables and chairs were already almost fully-occupied then. The trick is actually to arrive there before 9:30PM so that you'd end up eating sitting down rather than standing up.
They had unique food finds and prices were reasonable. You could get a full meal at around PhP 200-PhP 250. Most were cooked upon order, so there was an appetizing aroma all around.
I haven’t had the chance to eat from all stalls but here were some of the interesting finds:

Johnny Steams (Steamed burger)

Taclings (Bite-sized tacos in egg cartons)
PhP 60/carton or PhP 100 for 2 cartons
I got the chance to try these and they were delicious. The rule is to eat one whole piece in one bite. It's not date food since you'd have a difficult time stuffing this all in, but the better part comes once you chew on them.

There was also a stall that had Krispy Kreme-burger patty-Krispy Kreme. Isn't that sinful?

And then there were spuds. Remember me telling you how much I love potatoes in any size, shape or color?
One order of Cheesy Potatoes costs PhP 50. They were soaked in cheese and really tasted good.

Manang's Chicken (Double deep-fried crispy chicken goodness)
This stall that sold this chicken had one of the longest lines that night.

I wish they had more chairs, or even just standing tables to accommodate people. The crowd began to thicken at around 10:30, so it’s a lot better to arrive earlier or a lot later.
You can always check out the layouts of the food stalls (just in case you want to rush in once you arrive) at their official website.
Mercato has recently moved to its new location (but still inside The Fort) at 34th Street and 8th Avenue (across MC Home Depot), Bonifacio Global City. Food bazaar starts at 10PM and ends at 3AM.
The next time your tummy begins to grumble on a Friday or Saturday night, you know where to head to!



  1. That's one huge burger! Were you able to fit it into your mouth?? xD It looks yummy though!

    I like Taclings! I also like the way they're presented - cute little egg cartons! :)

    The cheesy potatoes look really yummy too! There's something similar to that in night markets here, and I always buy it whenever I go to the night market!! Haha

  2. I haven't tried the burger yet but it looks really good (especially with the cheese dripping over)! Haha. We should go to Mercato when you get back!

  3. Foodtripping in Mercato is so much fun. So many stuff to choose from. :)


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