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28 November 2011

Danne: The Iscreamist

Every now and then I'd like to post about 'novel' resto finds. This week I post about The Iscreamist store in UP Village, which is one of those must-try places.

From the outside, I'd like to think that this store is outer space-inspired. You know, galactic robots, scientific things, yeah! The font's very telling.

The store's unique selling proposition is that they use liquid nitrogen in bringing the best out of their food. From what I know, liquid nitrogen is nitrogen in liquid form (yes, haha), which means it's at a very low temperature, in contrast to atmospheric nitrogen which is in gas form. So once you dip your food into liquid nitrogen, it becomes cold and crunchy! And the coolest part is that it releases smoke since it evaporates very quickly. So when you eat smores that are just dipped in liquid nitrogen (you'll see later on), smoke comes out not only from your mouth but also from your nostrils.

Upon entry, you'll see their periodic table menu. The treats are actually cheap and student-friendly-- the reason being is their proximity to UP Diliman.

They have dragon's breath snacks. Once you dip and eat them, you'll see smoke coming out. We got smores. They serve 4 sticks per order + a cup of liquid nitrogen (PhP 48).

They also have ice cream which they make from cream + liquid nitrogen. It's actually good!

Besides eating, I suggest you watch how they mix up and do the food. It's actually something you'd like to see to be entertained.

The area's quite small but the overall experience was quite interesting.

The Iscreamist is located at 46D Magiting Street, Teacher's Village, QC (beside the smaller Moonleaf, in the vicinity of Maginhawa Street). Open Monday-Saturday 5:00PM-10:30PM.

I'm all for trying out new things!


  1. Looks like such a cool idea! Like the above poster though I am also ignorant about its safety, but I just looked it up and turns out it's fine. ;p Definitely noting this place's name down.

  2. Interesting!

    Liquid nitrogen. . . I wonder if it's really safe. . . (me getting disturbed out of ignorance) Somebody please enlighten me about this liquid nitrogen! Please and thank you! :D

    By the way,

    Cool post, Danne! ^_^

  3. I dunno why Disqus wasn't working so I just scrapped that and went back to old blogger comment form :| I reposted your comments. So sorry. Totally my fault for being a ditz when it comes to these things!


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