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23 November 2011

Earle's Delicatessen

Earle's Delicatessen
by Nicole

Ever since I've been stuck in Ortigas (har har!) I've been complaining about not finding decent food. Recently, I finally decided to go to Earle's Delicatessen.

I first tasted Earle's food a few weeks ago. Some of my bosses ordered different types of deli meats, sausages, and cheeses from Earle's and boy, they sure reminded me of Spanish tapas! (Vino por favor ja ja! - Wine please, ha ha!)

Since I'm not really a meat-eater, I just tasted some and to my surprise, I liked them. They were really good! Oh, the cheese and the meats! I can't believe I liked the meats! :))

Smoked honey ham, honey ham, black forest ham, capicollo ham, maple ham, smoked farmer's ham, roast beef, smoked chicken roast, double smoked bacon, Canadian back bacon, beer sausage (They sell by gram.)

Different cheeses! ♥ - perorino romano, gruyere, brie

Hungarian, Bavarian cheese smokies, European wiener, cheese Frankfurte, Bavarian smokies, pepperoni, frankfurter

I have finally found something really good to eat for lunch since I started my first ever full time job! It took me a while to order because as usual, I wanted to see all my choices before choosing. I finally decided on the sandwich with the longest name - Smoked Chicken Roast with Canadian Back Bacon.

Smoked Chicken Roast with Canadian Back Bacon
(Php 141.00)

I just loved how the flavours complemented each other. 
Totally not your ordinary sandwich!  

Their sandwiches range from PhP 120 to PhP 160. It may seem a bit expensive for a sandwich, but trust me, you'll get your money's worth! SULIT! Really yummy and satisfying! I can't believe the sandwich that I ate is better than my mother's turkey sandwich! HA HA!

My logic is: if it's better than my mother's food, it means that it's REALLY GOOD! I am definitely buying another one soon and will be taking some home for my folks. Hooray, I've finally found yummy food near our office!

Aside from meats, they also have green salads, breads, coffee, and juices. If you're craving for something European, Earle's is one of the best food shops to visit!

Earle's Delicatessen
G1-C Wynsum Corporate Plaza
22F Ortigas Jr, Road Ortigas Center
(632) 687-4415 / 687-4425 / 687-4430 Local 114 or 115

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