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13 November 2011

Danne: The Artsy Kid

Just as mentioned, it would be nice to have a proper introduction so, hello! I’m Danne Lim (pronounced as Dane), a new blogger here in Manila Foodistas. The founders (Bong, Joey and everyone else) were my org-mates back in college, and so were Thea and Tiff. Blogging isn’t new to me since I’ve kept a personal blog since I was 14, but the challenge really was to update as often without getting caught up with life outside the virtual world. So yeah, I’m on for the challenge! I now join the bandwagon and begin to share with you some thoughts about my dining experiences from here on!

I just graduated from UP this October with a degree in psychology, which makes me currently be in a transitional phase between college and real life. I am also graphic artist so I tend to be more artistically-inclined. In relation to food, I think I am able to appreciate scrumptious and appetizing presentation besides taste.

When we begin to talk about food, you could probably hear me inject the word “potato” into the conversation several times. That’s because I really love that special root crop! I like it in all forms, whether as baked potato, potato salad, French fries, mashed potatoes or hash brown. I’m sure several of you could relate to this. There are just certain kinds of food that are versatile and easy to love!

I lived in Japan for quite some time so I also have a certain fondness for Japanese food. My favorite would be the unglamorous yet convenient onigiri (お握り), which are usually triangular rice balls. I could also appreciate authentic ramen and delicious gyudon too.

And of course who would not appreciate fried food? It’s one of those more common kinds of cooking here in the Philippines. I like crunchy, deep fried food but I realized its health repercussions so I became a little conscious eating them. I was a junk food lover, and I especially loved chips that had lots of salt. But then recently, I have been influenced to stop eating chips. I have been junk food sober for months now, and I couldn’t be happier.

I’m excited that this is just the beginning of a fun-filled food journey with the Manila Foodistas! See you in the next blog!



  1. Junk food sober? Lol! Now to work on those veggies!

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  3. Hey Chino! Can you email us a proposal?

    You don't work for wimdu anymore? :)


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