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01 December 2011

Fish Bones for Breakfast

Fish Bones for Breakfast
by Nicole

Last weekend, I was so pleased that I had the chance to visit my mother's lovely abode. Together with my sisters, we arrived at our mother's house at lunch time. I did not plan on spending the night there but because I was snoozing the whole day that day, my sisters left me. Boy, I was so glad that I stayed because if I didn't, I wouldn't be able to eat something REALLY DIFFERENT!

When I woke up the next day (I was dead tired so I slept really long), it was time for breakfast. I cooked something - pan-fried ground pork with eggs - and it was such a boring dish. When we were eating, my mother suddenly remembered something then she stood up and went to the fridge. She said she's got something delicious and when I saw what she's about to cook, my eyeballs dropped! Who on earth would've thought that fish bones could be eaten. I mean, say hello to the fried fish bones! :D

Fried Fish Bones

These fried fish bones are actually from Cebu. My Pop bought this when he was there a week ago. Cebu is known for dried stuff like dried mangoes and the famous danggit, a type of dried fish. I've eaten various dried fishes including the really yummy hard to resist dried squid BUT NEVER dried fish bones UNTIL that breakfast! :))

I was so surprised that these fried fish bones are actually GOOOD. They taste like tocino! How interesting is that?! Now I wonder how much sugar is in there hrrmmm. . . And oh, just in case you guys are wondering, they're crispy so these fish bones won't get caught in your throat (hindi ka talaga matitinik).

with Pineapple vinegar

We Filipinos, if it's dried and fried, we ALWAYS eat it with vinegar. Another first at this breakfast at my mom's is a taste of this pineapple vinegar.

Produced by Golden Greens Global, a Filipino farm in Tagaytay
An all natural vinegar is sure a MAJOR plus plus for me. If you're the type who likes vinegar, then hands down, you'll like this pineapple version.  Its sourness is just right and it has sweetness in it too. My Pop bought this somewhere in Quezon City. If you're interested in buying just leave a comment and I'll tell you :D

They say, breakfast should be the heaviest and boy I indeed ate A LOT!

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