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02 November 2011

Kracie: たのしいおすしやさん

299549_10150273729740892_596240891_7949538_5628475_nKracie: たのしいおすしやさん
Tiffy in Japan
Grocery shopping

I first saw this video when my sister, Therese, shared it on her facebook. I wanted it. I was talking to my boyfriend about it and he told me that you can buy it in the grocery. And I was like, why haven't I ever seen it!? So when Therese's Japanese classmate in Taiwan went back to Japan for a vacation, we asked him to buy some for us. But he couldn't find some. So then we all thought that maybe it would only be sold in Tokyo because that's where most foreigners go and they're probably the only ones interested in buying this.

But no! I went grocery shopping for dinner and saw... these:

Boo ya! I bought the sushi kit for 248 yen per box--around Php 124 a pop.
158 yen for the ハンバーガーやさん one on the left.
168 yen for the おえがきグミランド on the right.

I can't wait to play with these when Therese comes back from Taiwan during her winter break! 


  1. YAY!! I can't wait to play with them as well!! :D We're gonna have lots of fun!

  2. If I go back to the grocery hahaha I rarely go out of the house. But if I can't, come to the house when Thea comes back from Taiwan and we'll cook and stuff and do this <3

  3. Bring me home one when you come back please! I've wanted to try these for ages! :))

  4. I don't think I'll have the chance to go back to the grocery >< I'll try


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