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13 December 2011

CafeVegis: Vegetarian Café

CafeVegis: Vegetarian Café
by Nicole

Craving for something new, affordable, fresh and GOOD-FOR-YOU food? Then head now to the newest vegetarian café in town - the CafeVegis in Quezon City!

Opened just last August, CaféVegis is located at Moomba Plaza, Mother Ignacia corner Roces Ave (map). If you´re the type who has already exhausted all the restaurants in the neighbouring Timog, and now looking for a new and interesting restaurant to dine in, then CaféVegis is the place!

When we got to this café, my folks and I were the only customers (twas raining like cats and dogs that day so very few people were out). I know that´s not so good for any business but I was quite pleased about that because I am not fond of crowd! HA HA!

I love how spacious this café is! Very child friendly (proven and tested because my 5 year old brother who´s like a tornado was with us and he was running around and did not break anything nor tripped over something! :)))

Some photos of their menu. Honestly, I wanted to order EVERYTHING! Look at how scrumptious and affordable their dishes are! 


For appetizer, we had this salad with raspberry dressing. Not to exaggerate or anything but THIS IS THE BEST TASTING SALAD I´ve ever eaten in my life! The serving was huge! This one was good for three people already. 

Php 125.00
We can´t help but gush about how awesome the raspberry dressing was! Total YUUUMMM!

Salad with raspberry dressing

While we were having the salad and waiting for more food, one of the staff gave my brother some cookies. :D
Oatmeal Chocochip Cookies
3 pcs for only PHP 18.00!

Here comes the main course!  Boy oh boy oh boy! We were extremely happy about the salad and when we tasted their main dishes, wow! Guilt-free aaand REALLY GOOD!

Vegetarian sisig (left) and buttered lemon salmon (right)

Finally a guilt-free sisig! This sisig has tofu, gluten, turnips and some more ingredients! I can eat tons of this ha ha! This is my second most favorite!

Vegetarian Sisig

Remember this is a vegetarian cafe so there's no meat here. All these fake meat are gluten. :) SO YUMMY! It was so cool that they actually taste meat!

Beef Salpicao
Php 165.00
This looks like a real liempo but of course it is not. It was so interesting how even the "fat" tasted like the real liempo fat!

Grilled Liempo
Php 175
CafeVegis has an on-going promo. Buy any pizza and get 3 milkshakes for free! The pizza that we ordered was the Garden Pizza. Its toppings were olives, tomato, basil, and mushrooms! My folks and I loved it because you can absolutely taste the toppings. While I was eating it was like that scene in Ratatouille where Remy was eating strawberry and cheese and then there were colors, shapes, music... D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S! Although, I was not that impressed with the crust.

Garden Pizza
Php 275.00
Now for the dessert! I'm not a dessert person ergo I am not fond of sweets but I can never resist a cheesecake! I must say, their cheesecake is loooove! Though the crust needs a little bit more of butter or something to make it more intact. But anyway, my folks and I liked it so much because it's not too sweet and it was huge! One serving is already good for 2 people!

Blueberry Cheesecake
Php 125.00

It was awesome eating at this café because we felt like we were dining in a pseudo fine dining resto. I was sooo pleased at how they gave us separate plates for every dish! We were sooo full! My pop said after: "nakakabusog at nakakalusog!" :D

 I really don't have a favourite restaurant but since eating here in CafeVegis, no doubt I have one now! I can't wait to go back! And by the way, they also sell vegetarian stuff - like gluten (finally! My mom will now be able to cook vegetarian kare-kare), vegetarian sausages, and all sorts of vegetarian frozen stuff like the veggie version of fishballs and squidballs. They have noodles, dried mushrooms and many other vegetarian merchandise too. They also sell breads - with and/or without eggs :D

Address:  Moomba Plaza, Mother Ignacia corner Roces Ave
Telephone number: 374 5598

Visit them on their Facebook for more photos :)

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