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31 December 2011

Philippines' Tallest Ferris Wheel Yet

'Twas a scorching hot, very bright Friday morning when my folks and I had our little jaunt at the SM Mall of Asia (MOA). We went to see and ride this Ferris wheel.

MOA Eye, as this Ferris wheel is called, is the tallest in the country. A ride which lasts for  more or less 10 minutes costs 150 pesos per person (same fee applies for kids). Costly? We think it is, considering you'll only get one turn! But anyway, it was such a merry experience!

The gondola
This Ferris wheel has two types of gondolas - one with tinted windows and the other with the usual clear windows. A ride in the tinted gondola costs more but the fee is yet to be decided, according to the staff I asked. One gondola can accommodate up to 6 persons.

If you have a fear of heights, I HIGHLY recommend riding this Ferris wheel. Time to get rid of your phobia and enjoy the view!  :)

The Manila Bay
On the other side of the bay, there were so many ships! Too bad I wasn't able to take a photo of it! Blame it on my imagination ha ha! It sure felt like I was watching one of those war movies where ships come and invade a land. :))

The view is probably much better at night so this place starts to get crowded at sundown. If you're the type who just hates crowds, then go here first thing in the morning! :D They're open from 10AM til midnight on weekdays and until 1AM on weekends.

I really like the design of this Ferris wheel. It looks like a giant Parol - very Filipino! That's why I can't help but be disappointed with the name of it. MOA Eye? Another copy cat. . . Anyway, come and visit this place and ride the tallest Ferris wheel in the country - it sure is fun!

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