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10 December 2011

Gavino's Donuts at Mercato Centrale

Gavino's Donuts at Mercato Centrale
This weekend. 7 AM to 2 PM. Booth 26.
By Tiffy

I got an email earlier this week about Gavino's Donuts about a supposedly new concept in the Philippine donut industry.

So here's what got me hooked: the words mochi-like and this picture.

Does it remind you of something?

Yes! The Japanese Mister Donut (Misdo) ポンデリング (pon de ring)

Apparently, this type of donut is also popular in Taiwan and China. And looking at the flavors that Gavino's Donuts have, it looks like it might just work! Ensaymada donut, anyone? 

Unfortunately, they don't have a store open yet. But fortunately, they are going to be in Mercato Centrale this weekend from 7 AM to 2 PM. I might just see you in Mercato Centrale if I can't curb this craving for these donuts. 

And just to show you how much I love these type of donuts:

June, 2009. Yes I eat a lot. Don't judge me! No pon de rings here though--yikes!

Mister Donuts, Japan. November, 2011. Pon de rings at the back.

I asked Gavino's Donuts to please please tell us when they'll open a store. Don't worry, I'll blog about it too just so you guys aren't left out! And if you want, you can leave me a comment and I'll email you when they email us.

Mercato Centrale can be found at the corner of 8th Avenue and 34th Street at Bonifacio Global City:

Has anyone tried it yet, btw? I heard that feedback has been good but you never know! We'll get back to you on that.

EDIT (22:17) 

Gavino's Donuts will be extending their stay in Mercato until January and are looking to open in other weekend markets until they open their coffee shop sometime in January. They were sold out today. 

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