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27 December 2011

Danne: Kusina Master with Chef Boy Logro

Manila Foodistas was invited to the taping of GMA7's newest noontime cooking show, Kusina Master last December 21, 2011.

We were able to talk to the show's chef/host Chef Pablo "Boy" Logro" alongside several press people. Chef Boy shared stories of his humble beginnings, starting as a houseboy at age 14 and pursuing culinary until he has reached his current status as the first Executive Chef in the country. Chef Boy talked about establishing his own culinary school in Cavite and his many experiences in cooking for royalty while he was still in the Middle East.

Upon entering the studio we saw chefs preparing this particular dish. The recipe for that episode was spareribs with pineapple. Food was precooked for audience tasting.

I was unfortunate to have to leave earlier so I wasn't able to try these! :-( They look delicious though.

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Every week, one Kapuso will be Chef Boy's co-host, and for each episode, there will be one celebrity student. Singers Kyla and Rachel Ann Go were present during that taping day. I guess they shot for more than one episode.

Chef Boy begins his demonstration. He is most known for his comic style of hosting which adds up some energy and liveliness to the whole cooking demo.

Celebrity guest Kyla assists Chef Boy.

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Kusina Master is one of the first few shows I've seen taped live. It's really interesting how much work is put into pre-production as well as to every little detail of the show.

What's unique about the concept of the show is that viewers will be given an assignment for the next episode: a list of ingredients to prepare, so that they could follow the chef's instructions right while the show is airing. Chef Boy also promises to use more 'techniques' such as wok cooking.

Kusina Master with Chef Boy Logro airs beginning January 2, 2011 (before Eat Bulaga) at GMA7.


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