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21 December 2011

Therese in Taiwan: 8 Way Dumplings 八方雲集

If you know me, you'd know how much I love to eat dumplings! Back in 2000, my family and I went to China for the first time. One day, we (myself, my sister, and my mom) were able to eat this HUGE plate of dumplings for lunch. It only cost us 7 RMB (~PhP 49 - conversion rate that time). By the time we were all full, there were still some left over! My love for dumplings started right then and there.

I would always look for dumplings in the Philippines but it wasn't the same - either there wasn't enough filling, or the dumpling would be too dry. Maybe I just didn't know where the "just right" dumplings were to be found.

When I got here in Taiwan, my relatives knew how much I loved dumplings so guess what they did? They cooked this huge batch of dumplings for us to share! Yuuuum!

Dumplings for me!
Recently, I discovered this store across our school that sells dumplings. There are different types to choose from - kuchai, curry, vegetarian, etc. You can have them fried or steamed. The dumplings are sold by piece, with the fried ones typically costing 4 NT/piece (~PhP 6/piece) and the steamed at 5 NT/piece (~PhP 7.5/piece). They also sell soy milk for 15 NT (~PhP 22.5), if I'm not mistaken.

The white ones are kuchai, and the green ones are vegetarian
I like them because they're generous with the filling, and they're freshly cooked. They're juicy and they're definitely not dry. Cheap and delicious!

The name of the place
The store is located across National ChengChi University (國立政治大學), by Xinguang Rd. Entrance (新光路口).

For other branches, you can visit their website.

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