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12 December 2011

Therese in Taiwan: Poffertjes 荷蘭小鬆餅

Two months ago, the Taipei World Design Expo 2011 happened, and my friends and I looked at the exhibitions. After walking around the halls, we decided to grab a bite. We weren't familiar with the area so we approached this group of locals and asked them whether they could point us in the right direction. They ended up accompanying us to this cafe (where the food costs more than we would have wanted to spend, so we decided not to eat there anymore) and we found out that they owned this food stall that's located at Gongguan night market (公館夜市 gong1 guan3 ye4 shi4).

The name of their stall is 荷蘭小鬆餅 (he2 lan2 xiao3 song1 bing3 - which translated is Holland's small pancakes). Below their sign is the word Poffertjes.

Since I wasn't familiar with Poffertjes, I had to rely on Wikipedia (yeah, oops) to know what they were. Apparently, they're a "traditional Dutch batter treat" that "resembles small, fluffy pancakes".

You could choose from either sweet or salty poffertjes. My friend and I (obviously) went for the sweet kind. They currently have 4 flavors - original (經典荷蘭 - 原味口味), banana (蹺蹺扳 - 香蕉口味), pumpkin (南瓜馬車 - 南瓜口味), and ice cream (總動員 - 冰淇淋口味). I went for the original and my friend tried the banana. The first 2 flavors cost 50 NTD (~ PhP 75), and the last 2 cost 55 NTD (~ PhP 83).

Banana (蹺蹺扳 - 香蕉口味) | 50 NTD (~ PhP 75)
Original (經典荷蘭 - 原味口味) | 50 NTD (~ PhP 75)
From the salty kind, you could choose from chicken (60 NTD ~ PhP 90, tomato (65 NTD ~ PhP 98), or beef (65 NTD ~ PhP 98). I got this picture from their Facebook page.

Chicken roll (雞肉卷卷)
In case you don't know how to read Chinese characters, I've written down their Chinese names so that you could just do character recognition! LOL. If you wanna know how to say/pronounce them, I could write down the PinYin for you guys! :)

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