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14 December 2011

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe Opening

The famous Singaporean restaurant Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe opened its flagship franchise cafe two days ago in the Philippines, located beside the IMAX Theatre, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City. With around 200 items on the menu, which includes favorites from Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai, and other Asian and international comfort foods and street favorites, Xin Wang will definitely have what you are craving for - something for everyone's palate.


A little back story and sort of historical fact about how the Hong Kong cafe concept was conceived as told by one of the owners: Before, the restaurants which serve international cuisine in Hong Kong were sort of exclusive to the foreigners, that's why the Hong Kongers (or the locals) decided to incorporate international cuisine to their cafes so that they may be able to try it, thus the concept of the Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe, and similar shops.


Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe boasts of its line-up of food, ranging from dimsum, all kinds of noodles (ramen, udon, spaghetti, etc), western "hong-kong style" food, roti, and a lot more.

Iced HK YingYong - Everyone's raving about this milk tea drink, and how tasty and unforgettable it is. It became an instant hit favorite among all who were there at the launch. A MUST TRY.


Prawn Paste Chicken - Tender juicy fried chicken in prawn paste batter. It's probably an acquired taste, or something unique or different for Filipinos, but definitely worth trying.


Pork Chop Papaya Soup Noodles - Friend tender pork chops on a creamy papaya soup with noodles, egg, corn and tomatoes.


Sticky Rice in Lotus Leaf - One of the best sellers we tasted that night. Glutinous rice with yummy meat filling.


Siew Mai (4pcs) - Ingredients are fresh, definitely a must try if you're on a quest for the best Siomai in Manila. Maybe this one's for you? :)


Steamed Pork Spare Ribs - The pork is tender, easily eaten and really tasty.


Noodles with Luncheon Meat 'N Egg - It's quite surprising to see noodles, luncheon meat and egg to all be in one dish served in a restaurant, but no one's complaining as this is quite a famous staple in the comforts of the Filipino home.


Coconut Float - Fresh Coconut or Buko Juice with Vanilla Ice Cream, which makes it even more interesting and refreshing.


After trying all these, and even more (which aren't included here in the post), there are still more dishes to try and appreciate, to fully taste what Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe brings to the table. For us, we are definitely up for the challenge, since we love food, eating, and sharing stories at the dining table. Xin Wang is one of the perfect restaurants to go to because there are a lot of food and cuisines to choose from.

Xin Wang offers a place where the early morning breakfast crowd, up to the late night and even midnight (after last full show movies) crowd can enjoy. It is fuss-free restaurant, where both the younger generation and even families can hang out and enjoy a wide variety of food, even just for desserts, coffee or tea. Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe can seat up to 200 customers at a given time.

Brian Ong

P.S. It's really nice to be back with Manila Foodistas, thanks to Tiffy, Thea, Danne and Nicole :)

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe 
SM Mall of Asia
Ground floor (beside IMAX and Cabalen)

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